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Diatrue CVD lab-grown detector?

The Diatrue CVD lab-grown detector is used to identify and distinguish genuine diamonds from diamond simulants. It uses advanced imaging technology to detect the unique properties of natural diamonds, including the presence of nitrogen, boron, and hydrogen, as well as their unique crystalline structure. It can also detect the presence of lab-grown diamonds, which have similar properties to natural diamonds but with a different crystalline structure.

DiaTrue does offer a range of products and services designed to detect and authenticate lab-grown diamonds, including diamond grading reports, HPHT/CVD detection services, and spectroscopic testing.

Diatrue offer diamond certification services that can help to determine the authenticity of a diamond. Additionally, they have a diamond authenticity report that can provide detailed information about the diamond in question.

Diatrue is ideal tool for jewelers and diamond dealers who need to be sure of the authenticity of their diamonds.

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