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OGI defeated Sarin during the trial in Belgium

Belgian appellate court dismisses Sarin’s patent claims and recognizes OGI’s precedence in innovation

On May 30, 2023, a two-decade affair came to a just conclusion when the Brussels court gave its verdict dismissing Sarin baseless infringement claim against OGI. The court confirmed OGI's claims, rejected Sarin's claims and unequivocally stated that OGI's first-of-its-kind three-dimensional rough diamond marking system, developed and sold as early as 1999, does not infringe on Sarin patent. On the contrary - the court determined, among other proofs, that the said patent of Sarin lacks innovation due to the precedence of OGI's system!

33 years after OGI redefined diamond processing technology, it has once again been established that OGI has always been - and still is - a world-leading pioneer in the diamond industry and synonymous with innovation, originality and advanced technology.

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