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Solico laser diamond cutting

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Solico Laser Diamond Cutting is a high-precision process that utilizes a laser beam to cut diamonds, gemstones, and other materials. The process involves the use of a high-powered laser, which is guided and controlled by a computer to accurately cut through the diamonds and other materials. The laser is used to create intricate designs and patterns in diamonds, as well as to cut them into the desired shapes and sizes. This process is often used to create unique pieces of jewelry with intricate designs or to cut diamonds into the exact size and shape needed for a particular application.

Solico Laser Diamond Cutting is a unique cutting technology that uses a laser to cut diamonds into shapes and sizes with precision accuracy. This cutting technology allows for a range of intricate and complex shapes and designs to be cut into the diamond, far beyond what is possible with traditional diamond cutting methods. It is a fast and efficient way to create intricate diamond designs that are perfect for use in jewelry, engagement rings, and other luxury items. The laser beam used in this cutting technology is carefully monitored and adjusted to ensure the highest quality results. The laser beam is also able to cut into the diamond with minimal energy and heat, reducing the risk of damage to the diamond.

Solico Laser Diamond Cutting is a cutting process that uses state-of-the-art laser technology to cut diamonds with precision and efficiency. This process has become increasingly popular in the jewelry industry due to its ability to create intricate shapes and designs. The process works by firing a laser beam at a diamond, which causes it to fracture along the cutting line. The fractured pieces are then collected and used to create the desired shape.

The advantages of this process are its high level of accuracy, speed, and its ability to create complex shapes and designs. Additionally, it is a non-destructive process that does not leave any damage to the diamond. The process is also cost-efficient, as it requires minimal labor and material costs. However, the process is not suitable for all types of diamonds, and the laser beam can cause damage to some types of diamonds.

Solico increases the production through accuracy and symmetry during the cutting process and retains extra diamond parts that add to the value of the rough diamond.

Do you know if OGI Systems make the Solico laser systems?

Yes, OGI Systems does offer Solico Laser Diamond Cutting systems. They offer a variety of systems that are designed to fit a variety of needs. OGI Systems specializes in laser cutting systems, and they have been in the business for over 30 years. They offer a wide range of systems, from entry-level to high-end systems, and they are constantly updating their systems to ensure they remain at the forefront of laser cutting technology.


  • Rough diamonds

  • Lab-grown diamonds (CVD, HPHT)


5-axis machine: Sawing, crown and pavilion blocking/faceting, girdle bruting, slicing

Solico process

Solico plan and cut 13 carats round

Solico full 8 cut round blocking

Solico CVD planning

Solico round conning

Solico conning result

Solico polycrystal remove

Solico remove extra pavilion part

Solico pavilion part remove

Solico full round blocking

ECO Diamonds - HPHT Growing company using Solico to plan & cut .

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