OGI symmetry patent shows a new way to evaluate the symmetry of a round diamond.

Today all gemological labs spend a lot of time on estimating symmetry pattern under the microscope. With OGI’s symmetry patent, this becomes easy and quick - only 30 seconds scan with OGI scanner to get a full symmetry report.

The software calculates all data about a round stone in 3D and shows a one view symmetry leakage with a given grade.

This software runs on Scanox, an OGI device that also measures proportions.

The resulted report of the patent gives an easy to read color coded areas of the stone based on symmetry:

Blue - the actual stone

Green - a digital stone based on averages of the actual stone data.

Red - the leakage of symmetry. Those are the areas that do not match between the actual and digital stones.

If all the stone is green than there is no symmetry leakage.



  • The new way to check GIA symmetry with OGI
  • Gemologists can detect diamond symmetry in just 18 seconds
  • Grade symmetry without a microscope
  • The technology reduces human error
  • The technology performs precise automatic grading and objectives


SYMMETRY LEAKAGE  package can be part of CUTGRADE software and can run on SCANOX machines.

SYMMETRY LEAKAGE polish software