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OGI360 B2B trade is designed only for the diamond industry.
Designed for diamond dealers who are technically aware of all the characteristics of the diamond. With 360 video, they can estimate the stone they are buying. OGI360 shows the inside of diamond to full depth and the inclusions can be sees clearly. 



  • Produces a 360-degree video of a diamond and gemstone on girdle standing in just 60 seconds
  • Vacuum diamond holding stage
  • Scan almost all size of the diamonds in worldwide trade
  • Able to scan with three fundamental colors background Grey, Black & White, which is the most suitable for diamond viewing application
  • Compact design and user friendly
  • The inclusions are clearly visible
  • Post your videos on social networking sites
  • Embed films into online diamond trade platforms or your own website
  • Share videos and images with customers immediately
  • Video images captured by a HD camera
  • Low maintenance & low operating cost


Dimension :  L 38 x W 12 x H 16

OGI360 B2B Girdle standing