DIATRUE mobile is OGI's portable detector and of the fastest on the market. It was designed to identify CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds, and by so, to protect the natural diamonds market from fraud. In just a few seconds, you can analyze up to 500 stones with clear and accurate results. 


The device can also stones in jewelry (such as rings and earrings). OGI's technology allows the user to rotate (360 degrees) the rings in a specially designed holder and see results in real time.

Diatrue mobile works with a cell phone allowing you to send the results via wifi connection as well as print a certificate. Meanwhile, Diatrue mobie is substantially cheaper than any of the competitors’ devices. It is compact, portable, and easy to use.

It can be connected to a power adapter or a power bank for use while traveling.


Diatrue can be used in:

  • Jewelry shops
  • Pawn shops
  • Online jewelry stores
  • Offices
  • Gemological laboratories
  • On business trips


Key Features

  • Detect synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD methods.
  • Detect Diamond simulants like CZs and Moissanites as well as diamond-coated CZs and diamond-coated Moissanites
  • Identify stones on jewelry, unmounted diamonds and melee diamond parcels
  • Detect as small as 0.01 ct stones and higher
  • 360-degree real time view for rings and jewelry
  • Test Result Sharing to social media
  • Cell phone built-in with high camera resolution
  • Low current consumption
  • Detect colorless diamond (Color D to L)
  • Real time function for precise stone identification with results in 1 second that then can shared via mobile devices
  • Machine dimensions: W13 x H11 x L21 cm
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg
  • Tray 6x6 cm
  • Smart tray 4x4 cm
  • Comes with a carry-on bag, ring tray, rotating ring holder and black/white trays



  • Power Supply: 24V 2.0A
  • Power Cable Type: IEC
  • Screen Device: Smart phone
  • Screen Size: 5.8 Inches
  • Operating System: Android
  • Mobile Battery: Auto-charging



You also can order this device in STULLER, SEPTOOL, OGITECH (USA office  +1 212 244 4455), DAICO Thiland 6622342840-1, BELGIUM +32 32274868, HONG KONG +852 69188584, India +91 9820211325