The most advanced video device in high resolution for polished diamonds, jewelry, rough diamonds.
The machine is widely used in the world's leading laboratories such as GIA, AGS, IGI, GSI and while also by the top jewelry manufacturers.


DiaPix is an online platform that offers visualization services and video sharing of gems and diamonds.
With a cutting-edge technology DiaPix captures impressive HD images of a diamond, round or fancy, which includes a 360-degree video to capture all parts of the diamond thoroughly and precisely.
The video can be displayed on various channels including the seller's website, trade platforms, and social media.

How DiaPix Trade Platform Works
1) Create a free user account.
2) Shoot a video footage on DiaPix.
Or, scan your stones in one of the company's worldwide Diapix service centers.
3) In one simple click, upload stone video images to OGI DiaPix website trade platform.

DiaPix Camera Special Features
1) Produce 360-degree video film of a diamond, gemstone or jewelry enhancing current sales operations.
2) Enhance videos on OGIDIAPIX.COM using graphic tools (Zoom In, Zoom Out, 360 degree imaging) to display and sell the most optimal stone. Graphic tools offer extensive imaging alternatives that reveal all properties of a diamond including color, cut, and clarity -- instead of physical diamond inspections.
3) Post your videos on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any media of your choice.
4) Embed films into online diamond trade platforms.
5) Embed videos to your corporate website.


Price include motorize light box, camera, software.

DIAPIX-J Jewlery & Loose stones