DIATRUE JUMBO huge detector to detects lab grown CVD, Moissanite, HPHT, CZ, and synthetic diamond coated moissanite and CZ


Key Features:

  • Detects CVD & HPHT lab-grown diamonds and bulk parcel of loose diamonds. 
  • Detect Diamond simulants like CZs and Moissanites as well as synthetic diamond coated moissanite and CZ
  • Identifies stones on all types of jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings) and mounted combinations.
  • Melee parcels and loose diamonds.
  • Scans in approximately 20 sec.
  • Results displayed in clear and easy to read colors.
  • Ability to create certificate.
  • Save and archive data on the tablet.
  • Zoom & print results.
  • Has a large variety of scanning options

  • Is more accurate and specific for jewelry

  • User friendly

  • Easy to update software

  • Internal long UV test for reduced rate of false positives


Diatrue can be used in:

  • Factory
  • Jewelry shops
  • Pawn shops
  • Online jewelry stores
  • Offi